Your freelancer hub

Your freelancer hub

The freedom of choice

As a freelancer, you often don’t have the freedom to simply work on the projects you love. New client acquisition, networking and finding relevant trainings are all time consuming tasks that come with the territory. But what if it didn’t have to be that way?

We give you the freedom to choose what you do next!

Individually, tailored projects and trainings all in your personal hub.

Top-notch profile

We analyse your documents (e.g. CVs, project descriptions) and identify your most relevant skills – automatically and permanently.

Individually tailored projects

We match your profile with thousands of projects from various platforms, no more time consuming searches and pointless research on myriads of platforms.

Personalized trainings

We analyse your skills and suggest the most valuable trainings for you; the trainings that bring you the most money, and the most interesting projects all personalized for your personal preferences.

Step 1: Fast, detailed and automatic profile creation

Create your profile with our profile-wizard and identify your most relevant skills using our semantic AI. It is as easy as it gets:

  • Upload a CV, presentation, thesis etc.
  • Your skill recommendations will appear within seconds
  • Just select what fits - and you’re done!
  • If you want regular updates: Just sync with your dropbox

Step 2: Sit back and let us do the matching

Once your profile is set up, you will promptly receive individual recommendations for projects, courses and events aggregated across various platforms.

You love details? No problem, have a look at our features

Automatic creation of detailed skill profiles

Smart matching with various individually tailored project openings

Synchronization with external data sources (e.g. stackoverflow, bitbucket, github)

Matching of the most valuable, best fitting trainings from various suppliers

Automatically create project profiles for highly targeted project acquisition

Smart matching of the most valuable, fitting news and events to keep you up to date

Your hub is constantly growing


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